Eric has been at the forefront of social media marketing since its inception. First, marketing through Facebook and Twitter in 2008, and later his first live tech show in 2012 -- nearly three years before the launch of popular livestreaming app Periscope, and four years before the start of Facebook Live.  

​Throughout his career, Eric has lectured on social media and advertising for Penn State University; Juniata College; South Hills School of Business and Technology; Summer Study Programs; the Penn State Ad Club; as well as other forums including the world-renowned Dale Carnegie Training. 
After nearly a decade of industry research, Eric introduced his own advertising curriculum, Attention & Intent — the Consumer's Path to Purchase. Eric has since taught Attention & Intent material through Summer Study Programs of Melville, NY, hosted at Penn State University, in various guest lectures at Penn State University, South Hills School of Business and Technology, and Juniata College. 

​Eric launched his first consulting business in 2009. Eric freelanced through 2014, which laid the groundwork for Braden Social Media.  
​Eric received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Penn State University, where he was also accepted into the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. Eric is a Graduate of Dale Carnegie & Associates, and served one session as graduate assistant.
Braden Social Media
Advertising Agency
Creative Director
​July 2014 - Present
South Hills School of Business and Technology
Attention & Intent | Advertising & Social Media
Guest Lecturer 2019

Juniata College
Attention & Intent | Advertising & Social Media
Guest Lecturer April 2017, 2018

Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association
Spring Conference & Expo | Lancaster, Pa
Social Media in Public Transportation
Speaker 2016

Central Pennsylvania Educational Resources Inc
State College, Pa Ramada Inn & Convention Center
Social Media & Healthcare
Speaker 2014, 2015, 2016

Braden Zimmett LLC / Zimedium
Freelance Web & Marketing | Emerging Media Blog
Zimedium TV: Tech News Livestreamed Weekly 
June 2009 - July 2014

Summer Study at Penn State | Summer Study Programs, Melville, NY 
Instructor | Attention & Intent | Advertising & PR
June 2014 - July 2014
Attention & Intent — The Consumer's Path to Purchase
Advertising curriculum 
June 2014 

San Francisco-based ridesharing network
State College, Pa
Mentor April 2014 - July 2014

Penn State Ad Club
Donald W. Davis Penn State Chapter of the American Advertising Federation
Various Events
2010 - 2013

AAF Nittany Group
Donald W. Davis Penn State Chapter of the American Advertising Federation
Various Events
2010 - 2013
News concerning Penn State and State College, Pa
Eric Zimmett's Tech Talk
Tech Columnist Jan. 2012 - Nov. 2012

Pennsylvania State University
COMM 385 Media Programming Strategies, COMM 384 Telecommunications Promotion
Digital media, mobile applications and Internet TV, Advertising & Tech
Guest Lecturer Spring 2011 - Fall 2011

Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc.
Fall 2009 Course Graduate, Fall 2010 Course Graduate Assistant
Business Seminar in Clearfield, Pa
Awarded "Best Presentation" 2009
​Business Seminar in Pittsburgh, Pa 2009

First Media Corporation
National television and radio corporation
State College, Pa
Director of Digital Media, Recruiter, AE May 2008 - Aug. 2011

John Curley Center for Sports Journalism
Pennsylvania State University
College of Communications
Member 2007 - 2008

Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pa
College of Communications
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Journalism 2008 (Minor, English) 2008
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