"I like your perspective. You lay out a solid business case for why people should use technology to enhance their business. It's stuff that small business owners need to know." Jay Hauser, Technical Writer at Facebook
"Great article, Eric. As consumers are shifting media consumption to social platforms, it's critical for businesses of all sizes to reconfigure their media plans to reflect this reality." John Andrews, Co-Founder at Prevailing Path
"Eric is in the process of using multiple channels for sharing items of interest to tech folks.  What's great is that they are often my first peek at that particular news item. Either that says I'm spending too much time on social sites or that Eric is doing an exceptional job keeping me up to date; I believe it's the latter." Jeff Erickson, Thinker/Doer at Rowland Creative
"Whenever I need an inside perspective on the radio market or need his experience regarding media spending, Eric has always been a valued and trusted extension of my company." Mark Dello Stritto, President & Founder at Loaded Creative
"Eric has been gracious with his time to share his professional expertise with our students by participating as a guest judge or panelist for various events for the PSU student AdClub which I advise." Ron Smith, Sr Lecturer of Visual Communications at Penn State University
"Eric worked with me as a Graduate Assistant in a Dale Carnegie Class. He did an excellent job of working with the class participants. He talked to them about his experiences... and challenged them to get the most out of the class. They learned a great deal from Eric." Bill Leavens, Certified Trainer at Dale Carnegie
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